The Run
Q:  What should I expect on the day of the Fun Run?

A:  Check-in will begin at 3:30pm.  The first race will be at 4:00pm.  The second race will be at 4:15pm.  Following the race, each child will receive a medal. There will be face painting and food available to purchase.  

Q:  Will all of the children run at the same time?

A:  There will be two separate runs based on the child’s age.  Children ages 2-4 will run a short run of approximately 150 yards at 4:00pm.  Children ages 5-10 will run a half-mile at 4:15pm.

Q: For the run ages 2-4, is a grownup allowed or expected to run with the child?

A: A parent is welcome to, but not required, to run along with younger children. 

Q: What is included in the registration fee?

A:  Registration includes a runners' bib, medal and bracelet for all of the runners.
Q:  Is my child required to raise money for charity?

A:  There is no fundraising requirement in order to participate.  All children who register for the Fun Run are welcome to participate. However, we encourage children to learn a little about the two featured charities and attempt to raise at least five donations (of any amount) for their favorite charity.  In lieu of fundraising, please consider making a donation to one of the charities on the YWL website.

Q: How do we collect donations?

A:  Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions to setup your own fundraising page. You will be able to email the link to your family and friends.  You can also share it through social media!  Separately, you can also make a donation on the YWL website.

Q: If I have more than one child participating, do I create one fundraising page for the family or individual pages per child?

A: You can choose to set up a page for each child or one page for your family.  
Q:  How much of the money raised goes to charity?

A:  All of the money raised will go to charity.  The money raised by the children all goes to the charity that they choose.  Any money not raised specifically for the Good Counsel Malta House or ElderHouse will go to the many women's charities that the YWL is helping this year.  The cost to host the event is covered by our very generous sponsors!

Q:  Where can I learn more about the featured charities?

A:  To learn more about Good Counsel Malta House, please click here.
To learn more about the ElderHouse, please click here.
To learn more about the YWL Little Rams Service League, please click here.
Q:  Can you give me an example of how my child can ask for a donation?

A:  Hi _______.  I will be running in the Little Rams Fun Run on May 19th to raise money for the Good Counsel Malta House.  Good Counsel Malta House of Norwalk is the only group home for young moms to be, mothers and their babies in Fairfield County.  Good Counsel Malta House is dedicated to providing a nurturing home environment, support services and promoting the acquisition of independent living skills to pregnant and parenting mothers of all faiths.
Hi _______.  I will be running in the Little Rams Fun Run on May 19th to raise money for ElderHouse.  Elder House is an adult day care center that provides services such and transportation and meal assistance to older adults so they can continue to live at home.  In addition, they provide support services to adults caring for seniors or those with an aging physical condition.

If you would like to speak with your child more about what these two amazing organizations do, please click on the links above to read more about their programs.